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  • Broadband battle with US UK penetration of fast broadband connections slips ahead of US for first time.
  • Silver surfers swell Almost two out of every three of those coming up to retirement in the UK are online; double where the UK was in just 2001
  • 9% of China online And with vast growth rates to match it's not hard to understand why every dot com is looking East right now.
  • Blogtastic 1 new blog created every second as blogging goes mainstream.
  • The magic billion Crossing the threshold of '1 billion people' now online worldwide.
  • Beethoven rocks the house 1.3m downloads of Beethoven tracks, making him 1-9 in the download chart. Thanks to BBC Online the stereotype of music being just for kids gets blown apart.
  • Ebay addicts More than £4bn traded on eBay here this year, accounting for 1.3% of UK sales and an average of £3,000 per trader; latest news – the tax man’s interested in a slice!
  • Broadband Britain Finally broadband home access outweighs dial-up, but spare a thought for the poor folks still on dial up.
  • "The future of advertising is the internet"
    Bill Gates 27/10/05
  • "It is happening now and is strong, rapid and large. [And there’s a] tremendous violence in traditional media as it continues to get displaced by digital."
    Sir Martin Sorrell, 27/10/05
  • "What is happening is a revolution in the way young people access news. Unless we awaken to these changes, which are quite different to those of 5 or 6 years ago, we will, as an industry, be relegated to the status of also-rans."
    Rupert Murdoch, American Society of Newspaper Editors, 13/04/05


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